Intelligenta bygginstallationer - Niko-Servodan Digital black connected customisable control screen for niko home control 24 v screw fixing - 550-18001
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Niko-Servodan Digital black connected customisable control screen for niko home control 24 v screw fixing

Digital black is a completely customisable control screen for Niko Home Control with an extremely user-friendly interface featuring clear symbols. The screen is automatically activated when your hand comes near. That way, you can switch or dim your lights, set scenarios, set ventilation modes, adjust blinds and sun blinds to the wanted position, in one operation. In short, all possible Niko Home Control control types are available.

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Digital black, intuitive control screen, 24V. With its high-resolution 3.6" touch screen, it is ideal for easy and comfortable operation of Niko Home Control smart home solutions. Each Digital black control screen can operate up to 12 individual products or scenarios, and a total of up to 20 screens can be used in a Niko Home Control system. The screen is activated automatically when you approach it with your hand and can therefore turn on/off or dim the lighting, set scenarios, adjust ventilation levels, operate windows and blinds etc., all in one action. It has a built-in temperature sensor and algorithm and can be programmed as a zone thermostat when connected to a Niko Home Control heating/cooling module (ref. 550-00150) or relay module (ref. 550-00103 or 550-00106) programmed for electric heating. The screen is mounted at flexible heights between 110-160 cm in a Euro box and powered by a separate 24Vdc power supply unit. The screen communicates via the wireless home network with the Niko Home Control system requiring an active internet connection.


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