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Elma Instruments Elmaflex 460 clamp meter

With ElmaFlex 460 Elma is reinventing the clamp meter, it has never been easier to measure current in a big current range. The clamp is made of a very flexible material, and with a diameter on only 7,5mm and a length on 460mm, is it possible to measure on small places and is able to measure on a big bunch of wires. ElmaFlex 460 is in a ergonomical design, so that you can use it with only one hand, and also with glowes. The instrument measures true RMS current in the range from 0,2 to 3000A AC. The instrument is equipped with backlighted display, data hold, automatical range selection, and auto power off. ElmaFlex 460 complies with EN 61010-1 CAT IV 600V and CAT III 1000V, and is delivered incl. batteries and manual.Technical data:Current: 30,00...300,0...3000A ACResolution: 0,01...0,1...1 A ACAccuracy: ±3%rdg + 5DigitMax display: 33,00...330,0...3300ADisplay update: 4 times pr. sec.Frequency respons: 45-500HzLength of clamp: 460mmBattery: 2 pc. LR03 AAA batteriesSize:

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Apple tangamperemeter sand RMS Product description: Model: ElmaFlex 460 - Smart super flexible clamp for measuring up to 3000A AC, CAT IV 600V - The super flexible clamp can be shaped as needed and is 460 mm long. - Measures true RMS, has a backlit display, data hold and automatic range selection. - Supplied with batteries and operating instructions. Technical specifications: Weight (kg): 0.2HxWxD (mm): 130x350x25Battery: 2 pcs LR03 AAA batteries


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