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Elma Instruments Elma x-reel cabel roll

Elma X-Reel is a new smart cable roll with safety test lead. The roll is equipped with a practical shoulder strap and a smart handle, which makes the work with Elma X-reel very simple. Elma X-reel is also equipped with at unique system, which is able to filters out the wire, when using the cable roll. Elma X-Reel er perfect on measuring on earth connections and protection wires, where you normally have to use very long wires to measure continuity. Elma X-reel includes 33 meters 0,75 mm2 black PVC wire. Can be loaded with max 2A. Complies with IEC 61010-1 CAT III 1000V/CAT IV 600V. Technical data: Length: 33m Size: 0,75mm2 Current: max 2A IEC 61010: Cat III 1000V, Cat IV 600V

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Cable reel with 33m of 0.75mm2 black PVC wire. Product description: Elma X-Reel is a new smart cable reel with safety test leads. The cable reel comes equipped with a practical shoulder strap and a smart handle that makes unwinding and winding up extra easy. Additionally, the cable reel has a unique track that straightens out any wire tangles during winding up, ensuring that you always get properly wound-up wires. Elma X-Reel is ideal for measuring grounding connections and protective conductors where long test leads are often needed to measure continuity. The cable reel contains 33 meters of 0.75 mm2 black PVC wire and can be loaded with max 2A current load capacity while meeting IEC 61010-1 KAT III 1000V/KAT IV600V standards.Technical data:Length: 33mSquare: 0,75mm2Current: max 2AIEC 61010: Cat III 1000V Cat IV600VTechnical specifications:Length (m): 33Square (mm²): 0,75


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