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Elma Instruments Elma 611b infrared thermometer

New infrared thermometer which is able to measure the tmeperature without contact. Elma 611B has adjustable emission factor from 0,1 to 1,00. This does that the instrument is able to measure on all kind of surfaces. The instrumentet has HI/LOW alarm function. By enter the maximum- or minimum temperature you can make quick measurements, and that without looking at the display, because the instrument will give a high alarm sound if the maximum- or minimum temperature is reached. A short reaction time - app. 0,15 second - does Elma 611B suitable for quick measurements as for example screening of refrigerators/freezers, measurements on moveable parts in machines and components in electronics. Elma 611B has backlighted display and is equipped with the newest kind of technique where a double laser marker is indicating the size of the measuringe area, so you as user knows where the measuring is done. With a measuring condition on 30:1 Elma 611B is the perfect solution for measuring on

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Thermometer with laser sight Product description: Infrared thermometer that can measure temperature without touching the object. Elma 611B has an adjustable emissivity factor from 0.1 to 1.00, making it unique for measuring objects with all kinds of emissivity values. The instrument has a HI/LOW alarm function, which makes spot measurements easy. By entering the maximum or minimum temperature, quick measurements can be made without even looking at the display, as the instrument will emit a loud beep if the maximum or minimum temperature is reached. Short response time - about 0.15 seconds - makes Elma 611B suitable for fast measurements such as screening refrigerators/freezers, measuring moving parts in machines and components in electronics.Elma 611B has a backlit display and is equipped with the latest technology where a smart double laser marker indicates the size of the measurement area so that operators get an indication of where to measure.With a conversion ratio of 30:1, Elma 611B is ideal for measuring at greater distances.At one meter distance, the measurement area is only 30mm.The instrument comes complete with case,battery and Danish operating instructions.TECHNICAL DATA Temperature range: -50...1000°C Resolution:0.1°C Accuracy: ±1% or ±2.5°C (whichever is greater) Measurement ratio:30:1 Emission value :0 .01-1 .00 Display :3½ digits Max reading :1999 Battery :One9V6F22 (included) Dimensions :146x104x43mm Weight :163g Technical specifications Weight(kg):0 .163HxBxD(mm):146x104x43Temperature range(°C):-50...1000Battery:One9V6F22(included)


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