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Lenovo's ThinkPad portfolio features technology that works smarter for you and delivers reliability you know and can trust. Among Lenovo's top series of laptops, you will find among ThinkPad versatile options and its performance on laptops. In the office, out among the customers and everything in between. Productivity-enhancing features such as outstanding battery life, lightning-fast USB-C Thunderbolt® ports and powerful processors keep you running.

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Quality you know and trust - stay connected!

Whether you need long battery life, lightning-fast file loading, or computer startup in seconds, ThinkPad series give you high performance. Convenient docking that allows you to connect to monitors, speakers and more without compromising on weight or thickness.

>Design og support

Design and support that makes sense - because longevity is important!Design og support der giver mening - fordi levetid er vigtig!

Lenovo tests ThinkPads after more than 200 quality checks to ensure that they run in even extreme conditions. You can be sure that your Lenovo device can handle what you face! The ThinkPad series offer options for remote administration as well as advanced security solutions with ThinkShield, an integrated series of hardware and software. Enterprise-level support is available to keep you going. Design and support that makes sense - because longevity is important!

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