Find the right accessories for your flat screen

If you buy a cheap television, you might appreciate the benefits of an Apple TV or a Chromecast to get Smart TV functions. On the more expensive models, these features are built-in and you get the opportunity to record TV, watch 3D movies and take video calls via Skype. If you have subscribed to a TV subscription at Boxer, Yousee or Stofa, you may need to use a CA module.

If you purchased a TV with recording function, you must purchase and connect an external hard drive. A hard drive of 500 GB fits most needs and connects via the USB port. If you have a TV or a projector with 3D feature, you can buy a 3D player and a set of 3D glasses to use and benefit from the feature. Some DVD/Blu-ray players and game consoles can show 3D movies.

If you need an antenna cable, an HDMI cable or an audio cable, you will find a large selection of the different models on this page.

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