Stabilize your camera with a camera stand

camera stand is really smart if you like to take pictures or record film. There are many different types and sizes that help you get crisp images and avoid shaking when you're shooting. It is easy to add additional accessories to your tripod so you can get the right light or the right move on your time lapse.

When choosing a camcorder stand, it is important to look at what your needs are. If you want to take group pictures or an time lapse on your smartphone or your pocket camera, it would be a good idea to choose a small tripod or a gorilla pod. If you have a system camera or a SLR camera, it would be smart to choose a slightly larger tripod. On these models, you can pull the legs out and stretch the neck on the three-legged stand. On the other hand, if you have a more professional need and are looking for a tripod for your camcorder, you should look for the quality labels.

At Proshop you will find tripods from all the major brands. We carry camera tripods from manufacturers like Joby, Hama, Manfrotto, Sony and Velbon.

With all camera stands it is important to choose a model that supports the weight of your camera. Price and quality are related when it comes to tripods. The cheaper models are perfect for a beginner, but often have a shorter life span than the more expensive quality models. An expensive stand has a stronger building quality and a long life. If, contrary to expectations, something breaks, it is also easy to find spare parts.

If you plan to start a photo studio, there are several things you need to do. It is important to have a good camera stand, some good photo lights, a wired or wireless trigger, and a remote control for your SLR. You also need photo background paper or a soft box.

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