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Dive into the amazing worlds of the beautiful Schleich figures

German Schleich is world famous for their realistic, hand-painted figurines and animals produced in impeccable quality and focus to detail. The Schleich philosophy revolves around learning and development through play and imagination with figurines of safe materials to the joy of children and adults alike. 

At Proshop, we have a huge selection of Schleich animals, figurines and playsets from the six exciting Schleich universes. Let the children dive into the six universes of the popular Schleich animals, magical creatures and prehistoric giants. Visit the animals of the farm and stable, hear the lions roar on the savannah, and meet the prehistorical creatures with Schleich’s popular horses, wild animals and dinosaurs.

Schleich Wild Life

Meet the wild animals of the savannah, the forest, the ocean and the jungle with Schleich Wild Life. Go on a safari among large elephants, dangerous lions and tall giraffes. Visit the monkeys of the jungle, dive in the ocean with sharks and giant whales, or track down the hungry wolfpack and the shy deer in the forest.

Schleich Farm World

Visit the farm with Schleich Farm Life, and walk among the horses in the stable and the cows and sheep in the fields. Meanwhile, the cat chases the hen in the courtyard as the farmer reaps the fields on his tractor. Chose the animals of your farm, where to put the silo and the doghouse, and what trailer to attach to the farm tractor.

Schleich Dinosaurs

Travel back in time with Schleich Dinosaurs to the time when giant dinosaurs walked the earth. Watch out for the hungry Giganotosaurus and her baby roaming for prey, and see if you can outrun the fast-running Dracorex. Chose between small and large dinosaurs, whether you want carnivores or herbivores, and if your dinosaurs live in the water, fly among the clouds or walk the earth.

Schleich Horse Club

Join you fellow riders in the stables to feed and groom your horses before going for at ride in the forest or participating in competitions. After a ride, you can meet up with your friends at the Riders Café for a refreshment before you go on your next ride. Choose between a huge variety of horse breeds, riders, buildings and accessories such as trailers, paddocks, setups for competitions and tournaments, and whatever else you might need I your Schleich Horse Club.

Schleich Bayala

Let your imagination roam freely in the glittery world of Schleich Bayala, as enchanted fairies, beautiful mermaids and magical unicorns invite you to their colorful fantasy world. Choose between unicorns and the flying Pegasuses, mermaids, glittery shells and cute seahorses, as well as flying elves with pointy ears and magical powers.

Schleich Eldrador

The battle of the super weapon is on! In the Schleich Eldrador universe the giant, mythical creatures, enormous dragons and dangerous warriors from the lava, ice, stone, and water worlds fight to overtake the power Eldrador. Who will win the ultimate battle? Build your own world with the many dangerous warriors, the Eldrador Battle Arena, cool weapons and of course the weapon they are all fighting about – the magical Sword of Fire.

Schleich DC Comics and Marvel

Whenever someone is in need or the world needs saving, the Schleich superheroes from the DC Comics and Marvel universes are ready to help. Not only are Superman and Bateman ready to help – Spiderman and Thor the God of Thunder are also ready to save humanity and ensure world piece from the villains and their evil plans.

Explore the all six exciting and magical Schleich universes or scroll through our large selection of inspiring figures.

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