Motherboard - how do you choose the right one?

In any serverdesktop or laptop computer there is a motherboard. The motherboard has the task of getting all the parts put in the computer to communicate. It is therefore a very important component in any computer.

At Proshop, we strive to offer motherboards to all, and therefore buying motherboards with us is cheap. Here you will find the best motherboards that are used mainly for gaming and large tasks.

CPU / processor must be installed on the motherboard. Here, either an AMD or Intel CPU is used. There is also a small selection of motherboards with built-in CPU. Here, however, it will not be possible to replace the CPU with a new and faster CPU later. In addition, RAM must be installed. Here it is important to choose the correct DDR RAM - DDR3DDR3L (Low voltage) or DDR4.

Despite the fact that newer CPUs from AMD and Intel have built-in graphics cards, they usually will not be strong enough to play games. For office use, the built-in graphics card will generally be sufficient. If you are building a gamer computer, you should purchase a dedicated graphics card with graphics processors from either NVIDIA or AMD.

Additionally, a variety of other input cards can be installed, such as better sound cards than the built-in sound cards on the motherboard, I/O cards with multiple USB, ThunderBolt, Firewire or similar ports.

On the motherboard you will also find connection ports for SSDs, hard drives and optical drives (DVD and Blu-Ray drives). There are several types of connections. What you need depends on which SSDhard drive or optical drive you are using. By default, SATA ports are often used for SSDhard drives and optical drives, however, you can achieve higher speeds using M.2 ports for SSDs. You can see the motherboard specifications for which ports are on the different motherboards.

It is therefore important that you choose the right motherboard for your hardware. If you are unsure about which motherboard you should choose, feel free to write or call our support.

proshop.se sells motherboards from a wide range of manufacturers including AsRock, ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI and others.

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