Let your imagination run freely

On this page you will find some special products that challenge you to think creatively or give you an outlet for your creativity. For example, you can learn to do magic with some of our cool magic sets from Tactic. Whether it is card tricks or being able to pull a rabbit out of a hat, you want to learn to do, we have the magic kit that can teach you just that.

You also find great price differentiation in our range, which means there are products as well as magic kits for the novice but also the more trained magician. So if you are looking for a magic kit or just some different toys, then you can start with our creative toys.

The unique thing about learning to do magic is that your imagination is challenged and you can always get better and learn new things. Combining this with the joy it spreads and the feeling you get when you proudly showcase your new magic trick is something unique!

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