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Hombli is a Dutch Smart Home brand that creates an effortless smart home experience for everyone.

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Hombli Lighting


Create the perfect ambiance with dimmable white and colored smart lighting.

Hombli Power


Make appliances smart and save energy with smart sockets and switches.

Hombli Security


Keep your home safe with video doorbells, indoor and outdoor cameras.

Hombli Sensors


Remotely control all your appliances with the Hombli app or voice control.

Hombli Easy Install

Easy Install & User-Friendly

Hombli provides a user-friendly and seamless experience to create your own smart home. Hombli smart devices can be installed directly to your Wi-Fi network within seconds. No extra accessories like a hub or bridge are required, you just need the Hombli app.

Hombli One App, Full Control

One App, Full Control

The free Hombli app allow you to control any Hombli device with your smartphone. With just a single app you can easily remotely control devices, create time schedules and timers, set up home automation and much more!

Hombli Safety & Security

Safety & Security

Hombli’s safe and secure IoT platform is powered by Tuya Smart. The platform undergoes security testing frequently to ensure your data is always protected. Hombli meets all General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR): User data is always anonymous, never shared with third parties and is only visible to you!

Hombli Voice Control

Voice Control Your Home

Control Hombli products with convenient voice commands. Hombli is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, so you can operate all Hombli products with hands-free voice control.

Discover Hombli Smart Home Products

Hombli Full Control

Full Control with The Hombli App

The Hombli app allow you to easily install, control, and automate any Hombli device with your smartphone. Thanks to the user-friendly app interface you can easily use all kinds of smart features. Control Hombli devices wirelessly from anywhere, set schedules and timers, create home automation scenarios and much more. Download the free Hombli app from the App Store or Google Play.

Hombli Powered by Tuya

Cross Compatibility

Hombli creates a smart home experience that works seamlessly with current and future IoT technology. With the Tuya Smart IoT platform as foundation, Hombli continuously invest in new IoT integrations and smart functionality.

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