Watch all your movies on the biggest screen of the house

If you want to watch a DVD or Blu-ray on your TV, you need a player for the purpose. Previously, there were many flat screens that came with a built-in DVD player, but that is not the case today.

When you buy a player, it is important to look at your needs. Do you want to watch DVD or Blu-ray movies, or do you want to record television and use services like Netflix and Youtube? If you plan to watch movies in 3D, make sure that both the player that you are watching on and your TV support this.

If you want to watch movies on the go, or keep the children entertained in the backseat or at the campsite, you can also buy a portable DVD player. Some models have a built-in battery and speakers for viewing.

Some people use their laptop computers or a game console as their player as selected models have the ability to read DVD and Blu-ray movies as well as display 3D content. If you choose this solution, you often need to invest in an adapter and a monitor cable to get the contents on the flat screen.

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