4058075576117 - LEDVANCE SMART+ Sun@Home WiFi FLEX 3M 700lm 11W TW WiFi

LEDVANCE SMART+ [email protected] WiFi FLEX 3M 700lm 11W TW WiFi

Mood Lighting with Human Centric Lighting Technology. Product features: Adjustable color temperature via Tunable White: 2,200…5,000 K. Controllable via LEDVANCE SMART+ WiFi App (with minimum Android 4.4 or iOS 9.0). Controllable via voice control available: Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Dimmable. Innovative Fullspectrum SunLike LEDs with CRI95. SunLike LEDs with reduced Blue Light in LED Spectrum. Fully automated biorhythm feature according to your location and time. Innovative luminaire coating-technology fighting household germs and odors. Product benefits: Enable increased concentration and efficiency. Improve overall activity level and daytime alertness. Improve sleeping rhythm and –intensity. Improve optic convenience. Enables an improved level of clean-air-safety by killing residential germs and bad odors. Homogenous light distribution. Easy and quick installation. Areas of application: Indoor applications. Kitchens, living rooms, children's rooms or home offices. Equipment / Accessories: Control via app or voice control requires compatible Smart home system. For control via LEDVANCE SMART + WiFi App, a smart phone or Tablet PC is required. Complete mounting and connecting accessories included.

Varunummer: 2997600
769,00 kr
615,20 kr exkl. moms
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Producent: LEDVANCE
Varunummer: 2997600
Modell: 4058075576117
EAN: 4058075576117

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