CSSD-BRKT2 - Corsair Dual SSD Mounting Bracket - hållare för

Corsair Dual SSD Mounting Bracket - hållare för

Hållare för hårddisk, kapacitet: 2 hårddiskar (2,5 tum), med skruvar

Varunummer: 2551297
117,00 kr
93,60 kr exkl. moms
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Producent: Corsair
Varunummer: 2551297
Modell: CSSD-BRKT2
EAN: 843591069076

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ProduktbeskrivningCORSAIR Dual SSD Mounting Bracket - hållare för hårddisk
ProdukttypHållare för hårddisk
Kapacitet2 hårddiskar (2,5 tum)
Dimensioner (BxDxH)14.5 cm x 10.1 cm x 2.3 cm


Produkttyp Hållare för hårddisk
Kapacitet 2 hårddiskar (2,5 tum)
Bredd 14.5 cm
Djup 10.1 cm
Höjd 2.3 cm
The Corsair Dual SSD Mounting Bracket solves the problem of upgrading desktop PCs which only have 3.5" hard drive bays. Installation is straightforward: place one or two SSDs into the bracket with the screws provided, and then attach the bracket to any standard 3.5" drive bay. The black anodized aluminum looks great in any case, and it's designed to allow extra clearance for connecting SATA data cables without straining the connectors.The ability to stack two SSDs in the same bracket gives you additional flexibility. Even if you have just one available 3.5" drive bay, you're not limited to a single solid-state drive. The adjustable mounting points support both symmetrical and asymmetrical dual SSD mounting, and it works with both 7 mm and 9.5 mm height SSDs.

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