Komponenter för switchboxar och skåp - Schneider Electric Prewired coil terminals with screw cla - LU9BN11
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Schneider Electric Prewired coil terminals with screw cla

terminal block for power base LU9

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Terminal block 1NO+1NC T/LUB120/320 Product description: TeSys U - Motor starters up to 15 kW With a capacity of up to 32 A/15 kW, TeSys U consists of: •A 45 mm base module (1): with two indications for nominal current, reversing or non-reversing, breaker function and built-in interference suppression •One of three possible control units that can be clipped on: Standard-CU: protection against overload and short circuit/CU which can be expanded with alarm and fault differentiation/multifunctional-CU (2): real-time control of motor load, local or remote diagnostics and parameter setup •One of three possible automation modules that can be clipped on: (3): Modbus, CANopen, AS-Interface and Profibus DP, Ethernet, DeviceNet Fipio Interbus S via Advantys STB le-module or a simple parallel link. •Two optional 45 mm power modules: current limiter(4) and switch relay(5). Benefits A simple and compact motor starter We are introducing the first intelligent starter that can integrate motor control, management and switching functions in a single 45 mm wide unit! It is compact modular design makes it easy to adapt to all applications.

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