5887460 - Melitta Bella Crema Espresso 1kg

Melitta Bella Crema Espresso 1kg

Whole coffee beans 1000 g
Do you like to drink espresso or other coffee specialties, or do you enjoy spicy and aromatic coffee in a large cup? Then BellaCrema® Café Espresso is the right alternative for you.

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Producent: Melitta
Varunummer: 2415497
Modell: 5887460
EAN: 4002720008300

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Since coffee is a product that comes from nature, its taste depends on many factors. In order for each cup of BellaCrema ® coffee to taste the same, we mix several types of coffee beans together.

The mix of the composition is continuously adjusted so that we can get the best possible quality all the time. We use beans grown in South America and Central America for our Melitta ® BellaCrema ® blends.

Although grown under varying conditions, they have at least one thing in common - they are all arabica beans.

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