BHR5851EU - Xiaomi Hårtork Water Ionic Hair Dryer H500 EU - 1800 W
Varunummer: 3099582

Xiaomi Hårtork Water Ionic Hair Dryer H500 EU - 1800 W

The Mi Ionic Hair Dryer H500 is a moisturising hair dryer with automatic styling functions that really care for your hair and give incredible results. The built-in ion generator emits millions of negative ions into the strong airflow to give you shiny and healthy hair, while preventing frizz, static electricity and split ends. The result is up to 26.47% more hydration and up to 9.12% more increased shine, all without having to wear out your hair with chemical styling products.

We dry our hair several times a week, so why not make it as comfortable and effective as possible? The Mi Ionic Hair Dryer H500 has a fast 20,000 rpm motor that gives the dryer an air pressure of 20 m/s and 7 large wing-shaped fan blades. Each blade is adjusted and customized to give you a quieter and more beautiful hair drying experience with as much focus on your experience as a satisfying result.

The hair dryer detects the temperature of the air intake 60 times per second. It then adjusts the temperature, switching between hot and cold air depending on the ambient temperature. If necessary, the automatic overheating protection is activated and switches off the hairdryer if the air becomes too hot. All to take care of your hair and skin.

Of course, the Mi Ionic Hair Dryer H500 looks good too. Minimal and stylish with great finishes and nice material, while being light and neat with a weight of 550 grams. In other words, just as easy to use at home as to take with you on your travels. 550 grams won't tire your arms! The magnetic nozzle can rotate 360 degrees, which also makes it easier to style your hair the way you want. Buy now for a little easier everyday.

688,00 kr
550,40 kr exkl. moms
Leverantör, 3-4 vardagar leveranstid (ETA eget lager 2023-02-09)
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Producent: Xiaomi
Varunummer: 3099582
Modell: BHR5851EU
EAN: 6934177774034

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ProduktbeskrivningXiaomi H500 - hårtork
Antal hastighetsinställningar2
Antal värmelägen3
Dimensioner (BxDxH)14.4 cm x 7.9 cm x 23.7 cm
Vikt595 g


Produkttyp Hårtork
Antal hastighetsinställningar 2
Kategori Hårvård
Specialfunktioner Överhettningsskydd, säkringsskydd, NTC temperaturdetektering


Antal värmelägen 3
Jongenerator Ja
Motortyp DC
Teknologi Ionic technology
Borstar och verktyg som ingår Magnetic concentrator nozzle
Egenskaper Upphängningsring, varmt/kallt-reglage, löstagbart luftfilter

Inställningar, reglage och indikatorer

Kontrollelement Tryckknapp, reglage


Material Metall


Strömförbrukning 1800 W
Spänning 220 V / 50 - 60 Hz
Sladd 1.7 m
The double water ions are deeply penetrated into your hair for lasting protection and a smooth shine. With tens of millions of negative ions, this hair dryer can keep the natural moisture in the hair while also effectively reducing split ends and frizz, thus improving hair strength and making it more resilient.

The built-in condenser condenses the moisture in the air and two needle-shaped motors rapidly atomize it into tiny negative water ions. Through a separate cold-air channel, these ions are delivered directly to the hair, scalp, and root, which protects your hair from being damaged by excessive temperatures while also hydrating it.

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