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doozie - Luxury Sleep Mask Pearl Grey

Get a better night's sleep, in total darkness, with our luxurious Doozie Luxury Silk Mask.

This super-comfortable, padded sleeping mask in delicious, bold Mulberry silk and with rich, airy cotton filling is designed to give you a deeper and more restful sleep, while taking extra care of your skin.

The design of the sleeping mask has been perfected to block out even the tiniest bit of light, while having a certain sound dampening effect on disturbing noise.

Silk is a temperature-regulating material and does not absorb moisture as easily if you are warm at night. The smooth silk fabric counteracts the sleep lines that easily occur if you sleep on your stomach or side, and also counteracts tangled, worn hair where the head hits the pillow.

The Doozie Luxury Sleep Mask is like a gentle cloud that hugs the top of the head, without any annoying seams or straps. On the other hand, it closes easily with velcro, and thus fits everyone - and then it stays where it needs to be.

The sleeping mask can be easily washed. Either by hand, or in the machine on a 30 degree silk/wool programme, and appropriate detergent. It can subsequently possibly is easily smoothed with an iron.

The Doozie Luxury Sleep Mask comes in a nice box, making it also ideal as a thoughtful gift that most people will appreciate.

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