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Anua - Heartleaf 80% Moisture Soothing Ampoule

Heartleaf 80% Moisture Soothing Ampoule is a serum that delivers intense moisture saturation and leaves the skin with a youthful glow. With its heart leaf extract content, this serum soothes sensitive skin. Heart leaf extract is particularly effective against redness in the skin, where the serum will have a cooling and soothing effect, almost like a soothing glove on all types of irritations. The Anua Heartleaf 80% serum is therefore absolutely ideal if you want lots of moisture and at the same time have sensitive and irritated skin.

Heartleaf 80% Moisture Soothing Ampoule contains a high concentration of heart leaf extract. In Southeast Asia, cardamom has often been used for its medicinal and anti-inflammatory properties in skin care, as the herb is rich in quercitrin. Quercitin is a potent antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals on the skin. The serum is a real gift for you who suffer from e.g. rosacea, pimples, dryness and inflammation of the skin. Here, the high concentration of heart leaf will relieve, soothe and calm the skin, so that it feels cool, refreshed and moisturised.

This serum contains hyaluronic acid, the skin's own sugar, which you get less of with age. Hyaluronic acid has a rejuvenating effect, as it softens and fills the microscopic lines of dryness in the epidermis, so your skin will have a moisture-saturated, soft and glowing radiance. Hyaluronic acid helps to reduce dehydration in the skin, which often contributes to worsening the problems of stressed and irritated skin.

The serum has a watery texture that is quickly absorbed by the skin, so it is ready for the next step in the skin care routine.

30 ml.

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