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CELLY GHOSTSUPERPLUST - Magnetic Tesla holder

Magnetic car holder for Tesla

This car holder is specifically designed for Tesla cars. It offers maximum flexibility of usage thanks to its interchangeable fixing systems that features a clip that hooks to the dashboard and a docking system to the iconic Tesla monitor.

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The holder attaches to the corner of the monitor thanks to an adjustable screw fixing system. This attachment is equipped with a rotating arm that allows you to adjust the position of the smartphone in relation to the monitor and to adjust the viewing angle. Plus, the mount head will rotate 360°: whether you prefer portrait or landscape orientation, our car mount gives you the flexibility to customize the angle of your smartphone to your liking.

The dashboard clip hooks to the car thanks to an interlocking system. Even with this attachment option it is possible to orient the head 360°.

The smartphone fixes to the holder thanks to a magnetic fixing system: you’ll only need to insert the metal plate (included in the package) between the cover and the smartphone and the smartphone will attach to the holder in an instant, providing a secure attachment for smartphones of all sizes and shapes.

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