18630-20 - Gardena Wall-Mounted Hose Box RollUp XL 13 mm/35 m

Gardena Wall-Mounted Hose Box RollUp XL 13 mm/35 m

Hose box with hose, 35 m

Varunummer: 2922371
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Producent: Gardena
Varunummer: 2922371
Modell: 18630-20
EAN: 4078500052061

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ProduktbeskrivningGardena RollUp XL - slanglåda med slang - 35 m
ProdukttypSlanglåda med slang
PaketinnehållVäggfästen, munstycke, anslutningsslang
Längd35 m
Garanti5 år


Produkttyp Slanglåda med slang
Paketinnehåll Väggfästen, munstycke, anslutningsslang
Funktioner Monterbar på vägg, automatisk ihoprullning, UV-beständig, 180° svängbar, inbyggda korta låspunkter, RollControl-teknik


Frostskydd Ja


Garanti 5 år
The wall-mounted hose box RollUp XL makes watering a large garden pleasant and simple. You attach the compact hose storage permanently on your house wall and connect it to the tap with a connecting hose. Thanks to the long hose and the 180° swivel hose box, watering your plants is a pleasure and not a chore. The hose reel follows your direction of movement and prevents the hose from kinking or knotting. After you have pulled out the hose to the desired length for watering, the particularly short locking points automatically grip and fix the hose as soon as you stop. By pulling the end of the hose lightly, the locking mechanism is released and an integrated steel spring winds up the extended garden hose fully automatically, reliably and evenly for you.

Thanks to the innovative RollControl technology, the retraction is particularly safe and controlled. The high-quality material is UV- and frost-proof, protected from weather damage, and can therefore be used all year round. In addition, the hose storage is secured with an anti-theft device.

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