Tejp & lim - TESA Powerbond Ultra Strong 5m x 19mm - 55792-00003-01
Varunummer: 3040521

TESA Powerbond Ultra Strong 5m x 19mm

tesa Powerbond ULTRA STRONG is our strongest double-sided tape. Specially made to give an extra strong and secure hold on solid surfaces like tiles, metal and most plastics - even surfaces with minor irregularities aren't a problem as the tape compensates. Ideal for permanently mounting objects of up to 10mm thick with weights of up to 6 kg per object, with no need for a hammer or a drill. Capable of holding up to 10kg per 10 cm of tape when conditions are optimal. A durable and reliable hold, easily. ®

Ideal for indoor and outdoor1 use
Ultra-strong hold
Holds up to 10 kg2 per 10cm tape
Holds on most smooth, sufficient firm surfaces

1 Not UV-resistant. Protect from direct contact with water.
2 For flat objects up to 10 mm thick

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108,00 kr exkl. moms
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Producent: TESA
Varunummer: 3040521
Modell: 55792-00003-01
EAN: 4042448217448

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