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Shelly Vintage A60

Remove your old boring light bulb and replace it with the smart vintage-style W-LAN bulb, which has a phenomenal design. With the free Shelly Cloud App, you can control and adjust the brightness of the Shelly Vintage A60 according to your wishes. The smart bulb registers the sunlight and switches the light off and on. Wi-Fi Connected. Shelly Vintage A60 can connect to any Wi-Fi network or can operate as an Access Point. No Hub required. Energy Efficient. Reduce energy usage without brightness or quality loss. Dimmable light. Enjoy dimmable light by fine-tuning your brightness. Assistant compatible. Control your appliance with your voice. Shelly Vintage A60 is Google home and Amazon Alexa compatible. Free Cloud. All you need to manage your Shelly Vintage A60 is a smartphone and the Shelly Cloud free mobile application. Set Schedules. Shelly Bulb can wake you up and help you energize, read, concentrate and relax

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works with - Hey Google
works with - Alexa

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