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Ring Alarm 5 Piece Kit + Indoor Camera

The perfect combination of tiny and mighty, Indoor Cam comes with all the features to keep you connected to home – HD video, two-way talk and motion-activated notifications – in a compact form fit for the smallest of spaces.  This bundle also includes a Alarm 5-piece-kit-2nd Generation.

Meet your new security team.

Ring Alarm Contact Sensor
Now with a more compact design, Ring Alarm Contact Sensor features a removable slim magnet for easy installation on any door or window frame, even when space is limited. With a Ring Alarm Contact Sensor installed you can choose to get audio or mobile notifications whenever a door or window is opened.

Ring Alarm Motion Detector
Mount the new, more discreet Ring Alarm Motion Detector in a room of your home to get real-time mobile notifications whenever motion is detected. It’s your pet’s home too! Let them roam when you’re not home. Smart motion detection settings can allow you to ignore your pets and detect intruders.

Ring Alarm Keypad and Base Station
Featuring a more compact design to seamlessly blend into your home, Ring Alarm Keypad puts home security at your fingertips. Choose from """"Home"""", """"Away"""", and """"Disarmed"""" security modes to quickly and easily arm and disarm your Ring Alarm system. Use the all-new panic buttons to sound the siren on your Base Station and notify your emergency contacts (Ring Protect Plus subscription required) if a situation arises.
Ring Alarm Range Extender
Add a Ring Alarm Range Extender to extend the signal from your Alarm Base Station to all your Alarm components. Ring Alarm Range Extender simply plugs into standard electrical sockets and helps eliminate dead zones, so your Ring Alarm devices can stay connected and ready to protect.

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Bring protection inside with the mini marvel that packs a powerful punch. Ring Indoor Cam is your solution to quickly check what's happening at home right from your phone or tablet. It sends notifications whenever motion is detected, so you can see, hear and speak to people on camera from anywhere. Its compact form can fit the smallest of spaces, and its simple plug-in installation means you'll have peace of mind in no time. Place a few indoors to cover every corner and watch over your home from anywhere.

Do it all yourself.
Everything you need for DIY installation comes in the box so you can easily setup your Ring Alarm system in minutes. Simply plug in the Ring Alarm Base Station, activate your system via the Ring app, and place the Contact Sensor and Motion Detector where you need them.

Complete control from the Ring app.
Get real-time notifications when someone enters a room, opens a window or sets off the siren. Change your Alarm modes with a simple tap. On your way out but forgot to set your Alarm? Don't worry. With Ring, you can arm or disarm your Ring Alarm no matter where you are, from the free Ring app.

Take control of your security with Modes.
Place your Ring Alarm in Home mode to disarm your interior sensors, while keeping your exterior sensors armed for protection outside your home. Arm all the sensors in your home with Away mode to know if something happens while you’re out. Choose the Disarm setting on your system to deactivate all your sensors so you can freely walk in and out of your home.

Connect and customise.
Pair Ring Alarm with Ring Video Doorbells and Security Cams. Plus, integrate with select Alexa-enabled devices so you can arm, disarm and check the status of your Ring Alarm with your voice. Ring Alarm components are all compatible with 1st and 2nd generation devices and accessories.

Get more out of your Ring devices.
Ring Protect is a comprehensive service that activates video recording and photo capture for doorbells and cameras for as little as £2.50/month. And that’s just the start. Plus, you’ll have the first 30 days on us with a free trial.

When armed, the Ring Alarm security kit sends notifications to your phone and tablet whenever doors or windows open and when motion is detected at home. It's fully customizable and expands to fit any house or apartment.

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