54 305 89 - Heatit WiFi Thermostat 16A - White

Heatit WiFi Thermostat 16A - White

Heatit WiFi thermostat is an electronic thermostat for electrical underfloor heating. The thermostat has a simple user interface and can be easily programmed via the capacitive buttons. The color screen displays an accessible user interface. The thermostat has a built-in WiFi chip that allows you to control it from a userfriendly app. The ”Heatit WiFi” app is available on Google Play and in the App Store. Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home (pending). If you are installing multiple thermostats in the same house, you may copy the settings from one thermostat to the next. This simplifies installation. Heatit WiFi thermostat 16A is equipped with a single-pole switch and fits into most common frames (e.g. System 55, Elko RS16, Schneider Exxact). The thermostat can withstand a load of max 16A/3600W at 230VAC. We recommend a contactor for loads above 13A. The thermostat may be connected to an external sensor.

Varunummer: 3026783
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Producent: Heatit
Varunummer: 3026783
Modell: 54 305 89
EAN: 7071236016373

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