20288.56.WH1 - Ajax Alarm-kit, white

Ajax Alarm-kit, white

Solar Plus alarm system. Security Hub's wireless Jeweler technology enables wireless devices to be securely monitored at a distance of up to 2,000 meters (free sight) from the Security Hub.
Solar Plus alarm system will secure your loved ones, your home and your valuables - and send alarms directly to your smartphone and / or to a control center (purchase service).
All parts of the system are made of the best quality components - and are designed to fit discreetly into almost any modern home.
The Solar Plus alarm system is professional security in a modern design.

Approved F&P class 2

The alarm package contains:
1 piece. Burglar alarm, GSM, white - Item no .: 0885100701
1 piece. Door / window switch, white - Item no .: 0885100510
1 piece. Motion detector, white - Item no .: 0885100536
1 piece. Remote control, white - Item no .: 0885100727

The latest software update that Hub receives is 2.10
Devices launched after July 2020 cannot be supported by Hub.

Note that there is no sounder in the control panel.
The siren is not included.

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Producent: Ajax
Varunummer: 3058626
Modell: 20288.56.WH1
EAN: 810031990566

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