20290.57.WH1 - Ajax Alarm-Plus kit, white

Ajax Alarm-Plus kit, white

Solar Plus alarm system: Hub Plus

Smart Hub with Wi-Fi connection
The intelligence of the Ajax security system controls all devices in the network and collects data using advanced wireless connection technology Jewels. It analyzes threats, filters false alarms and informs you in case of the real threat. Ajax Hub Plus has Wi-Fi as an additional communication channel and can operate autonomously for 10 hours in the event of a power failure.

The alarm package contains:
1 piece. Burglar alarm, GSM, white - Item no .: 0885100xxx
1 piece. Door / window switch, white - Item no .: 0885100510
1 piece. Motion detector, white - Item no .: 0885100536
1 piece. Remote control, white - Item no .: 0885100727

Note that there is no sounder in the control panel.
The siren is not included.

Varunummer: 3059845
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Producent: Ajax
Varunummer: 3059845
Modell: 20290.57.WH1
EAN: 810031990580

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