BHR4412GL - Xiaomi Mi 3 Ultra Compact PowerBank - Svart - 10000 mAh
Varunummer: 3014547

Xiaomi Mi 3 Ultra Compact PowerBank - Svart - 10000 mAh

Charge an iPhone SE2 three times or your Mi 10 Pro 1.6x with the compact and sleek Mi Power Bank 3 Ultra Compact 10000 mAh. Best of all, it weighs no more than 200 grams and can fit in your pocket (without being noticed).

As with all our other products, this power bank offers an affordable combination of aesthetics and function, allowing you to face everyday life with confidence.

Charges faster
Mi Power Bank 3 Ultra Compact 10000mAh has two USB-A and one USB-C and supports two-way charging up to 22.5W. Charge up to three devices simultaneously, quickly and safely. There is also a low power level that can be activated when needed.

High quality IC card
Charge your devices with peace of mind thanks to the powerbank's many safety protections, including protection against short circuit, overheating, reset, overvoltage (in and out) and overcurrent (in and out).

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Producent: Xiaomi
Varunummer: 3014547
Modell: BHR4412GL
EAN: 6934177721946

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ProduktbeskrivningXiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 Ultra Compact strömförsörjningsbank - Li-pol - USB, 24 pin USB-C - 22.5 Watt
Typ av produktStrömförsörjningsbank
Dimensioner (BxDxH)6.39 cm x 2.44 cm x 9 cm
Vikt200 g
Typ av utkontaktTotal 3: USB, 24 pin USB-C
Nätspänning5 / 9 V
Tillförd spänning5 / 9 V
Max elektrisk ström3 A
BatteriLitiumpolymer - 10000 mAh - 37 Wh
Effekt22.5 Watt


Produkttyp Strömförsörjningsbank
Utformad för Kamera, surfplatta, aktivitetsspårare, mobiltelefon
Bredd 6.39 cm
Djup 2.44 cm
Höjd 9 cm
Vikt 200 g


Nätspänning 5 / 9 V
Inmatningsanslutningar 5-stifts mikro-USB typ B, 24 pin USB-C
Antal inkommande anslutningar 2
Tillförd spänning 5 / 9 V
Utdatakontakter Total 3: 4-stifts USB typ A, 24 pin USB-C
Effekt 22.5 Watt
Max elektrisk ström 3 A
Egenskaper LED-indikator, temperaturskydd, kortslutningsskydd, överladdningsskydd, low current charging mode, återställ skydd


Teknik Litiumpolymer
Tillförd spänning 3.7 V
Kapacitet 10000 mAh - 37 Wh
Laddningstid 3.5 timme/timmar
USB-A to USB-C cable (Included)

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