PowerBank - Sandberg Survivor Powerbank 8in1 96000 mAh PowerBank - Svart - - 420-78
Varunummer: 3112696

Sandberg Survivor Powerbank 8in1 96000 mAh PowerBank - Svart -

The Sandberg Survivor Powerbank 8in1 96000 is the ultimate portable charging station for virtually all your gadgets. The huge 96000 mAh battery alone is enough to recharge your smartphone daily for almost a whole month. The power bank is equipped with a multitude of connectors for different charging options:

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Producent: Sandberg
Varunummer: 3112696
Modell: 420-78
EAN: 5705730420788

Till producentens hemsida

1 x Laptop DC output that with the included cable and adapters can charge the vast majority of laptops.
2 x Powerful 180W/12V car cigar plug for camping equipment such as a fridge or coffee maker.
1 x Wireless charger for supported devices.
1 x Light with white and red light.

The large powerbank is robustly made of water-repellent material and is suitable for an adventure in the wilderness as well as for the salesman in the field who needs plenty of power for his devices.

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