Pool & badbassäng - Bestway Flowclear 3028L/800gal Sand Filter - 1058515XXX23

Bestway Flowclear 3028L/800gal Sand Filter

Keep crystal-clear, clean water flowing through your above ground pool with the Flowclear™ 3,028 L Sand Filter Pump! This powerful pump systematically processes 3,028 liters (800 gal.) of water per hour (800 gal./h), and is compatible with most 1,100-18,100 L (300-4,800 gal.) pools. Our ChemConnect™ dispenser, also included, provides a stable level of chlorine throughout your pool to maintain clean, healthy water and proper chemical balance, giving you two efficient tools to keep your pool in tip-top shape year-round!

With its pre-filter strainer basket to catch large particles such as leaves and sand to capture finer materials such as hair and dirt, the Flowclear Sand Filter Pump's durable, corrosion-resistant filter tank runs smoother and longer than traditional filter cartridge pumps. Simply add your own sand (approximately 8.5 kg; not included) or our highly-efficient, cost-effective Polysphere™ pool filtration spheres; quickly install the preassembled pump and adjust the 6-position valve for easy, low-maintenance filter control.

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