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Wizarding World Harry Potter Magical Mini Honeyduke's Playset

Explore Hogsmeade with the Wizarding World Magical Mini Candis Baron Set. With the exclusive Luna Lovegood and Neville Longbottom 7.6cm figures and five accessories, young witches, wizards and muggles can recreate their favourite Harry Potter scenes. Luna and Neville have treats from the candy baron and are in Hogsmeade outfits you won't find anywhere else. Place the characters and play out your enchanting adventures with this fun playset. Attach the two chocolate frogs around the play set to play bouncing around the shop, and open the box on the window edge to reveal a surprise chocolate frog inside. With the play set's accessories of the Bertie's multi-day beans box and the candy jars, Luna and Neville can shop for their favourite sweets and pay at the counter. The shop front in this detailed set looks like the shop front from the films, and inside you'll even find Harry's footprints on the floor. The WW Magical Mini Candy Baron Set will inspire the imagination through fun and exciting play. Scan the QR code on the box to see the collectible poster and expand your collection with all Magical Mini's Harry Potter Characters, Magical Mini Divination Play Set and Magical Mini The Three Broomsticks Play Set (small characters and play sets sold separately). Wizarding World Harry Potter toys are a must-have as gifts for kids who like collectibles, wands, action figures, characters and accessories. They are great as birthday gifts, Christmas gifts or calendar gifts. Recreate your favorite scenes from Hogsmeade with the Wizarding World Magical Mini Candis Baron Set. From 5 years.

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