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Dino World Clubhouse Playset

Welcome to the Dino Ranch clubhouse!

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This large, modular playset comes with lights and sounds. Join Jon in the clubhouse, the place where he and the rest of the Dino Ranchers meet for daily adventures. Featuring a bright red farm, the Dino Ranch playset comes with a 7.6cm Jon figure, his dino best friend, Blitz the velociraptor and Bopper, the mischievous Dino-Mite, named for his love of bopping things with his head ! Start the fun with some dino training: place Jon on the training pumpkin accessory to learn how to ride a dinosaur! Then enter the clubhouse to discover its many features. For example, there is a pop-up room at the top of the farm. Place Jon inside and push him down to find the trapdoor on the floor inside the barn! You can even knock down the crash wall from the inside. Activate sounds and phrases when you press the star button to light the oil lamp! Place Jon on the balcony and move him from side to side to keep an eye on everything at Dino Ranch. When the day is over, there are dinosaur beds where Blitz and Bopper can sleep. Create your own ultimate playground with all the Dino Ranch figures, vehicles, playsets, teddy bears, blind bags and more from the popular children's TV show!


· 1 x 30 cm Clubhouse Playset (Farm)
· 1 x 7.6 cm Dino Rancher Figure (Jon)
· 1 x 10 cm Dino Ranch Dinosaur (Blitz)
· 1 x 6 cm Baby Dino-Mite Figure (Bopper)
· 1 x Silo
· 1 x Slide
· 1 x Bridge
· 1 x Removable Jon Hat
· 1 x Freewheel Dino vehicle
· 1 x Training pumpkin buddy accessory
· 3 x Dino Beds

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