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the Little Cat Cat Running Wheel B612 Cat Planet V1

Take care of your pet's fitness. The Little Cat treadmill is equipped with colorful LED backlighting to stimulate your cat's instincts and encourage him to use the device. From the app, you will check the number of calories burned, distance, etc., so you can monitor your pet's progress. What's more, the B612 runs quietly and will take just a moment to install. In addition, the treadmill is suitable for both smaller and larger cats.

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For the sake of your cat's health
According to studies, cats struggling with obesity are much more likely to have skin problems, suffer from diabetes and osteoarthritis. What's more, they live shorter lives than healthy cats. In order to prevent this, the B612 treadmill was created, which will not only allow your pet to lose weight, but also to take care of fitness.

Remote control
Operation of the device is facilitated by the little cat app, which you download from the Google Play store or App Store. With it, you'll add information about your pet, such as age. You will adjust the color of the backlight - you can also control its position. What's more, you'll check the number of calories burned, distance traveled and the number of treadmill revolutions. In addition, you gain access to your cat's BMI and training history, which will make it easier for you to track its progress.

Safe design
The Little Cat B612 is designed to be completely safe to use. Instead of a laser, which is harmful to the eyes, the treadmill uses LED light. What's more, the use of ABS plastic translates into durability, and protective foams prevent injuries.

Wireless operation
The treadmill works wirelessly, for greater freedom of use. What's more, it goes into standby mode after 6 seconds of non-use. In addition, a magnetic charging cable is included, with the help of which you will renew the treadmill's energy - after about 4.5h it will be ready to continue working. In addition, the app will inform you about the battery level.

Quiet operation
Are you worried that the treadmill will generate too much noise? Don't be. The Little Cat B612 stands out for its exceptionally quiet operation and does not exceed 65 dB. So you can relax with your favorite book without any annoying noise.

treadmill base
magnetic charging cable
protective foams

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