EH121200 - Eukanuba Adult Weight Control Large 12 kg
Varunummer: 3048354

Eukanuba Adult Weight Control Large 12 kg

For dogs that gain weight easily:30% less fat than Eukanuba Adult Medium Breed (S/M) and Adult Large Breed (L)With L-carnitine to burn fatAdapted to different breed sizes: (S/M & L)New technology: complexing of minerals: makes minerals more easily absorbed by the bodyShared glucosamine for healthy joints, as excess weight can be difficult on joints and skeleton. Metabolisable Energy: small/medium: 3532kcal/kg, Large: 3525kcal/kg Eukanuba Daily Care Weight Control for large dogs contains 30% less fat (compared to Eukanuba adult for large dogs) to help your dog maintain a healthy weight. The L-carnitine content also helps with healthy weight management and reduces stress on joints. In addition, the product contains natural sources of glucosamine and calcium, which help maintain healthy joints and bones so dogs can enjoy an active life. The dry food also contains natural sources of omega 6 and 3 to promote healthy skin and coat. The special hexagonal shape of the pellets, together with the unique DentaDefense, helps keep teeth clean and healthy. Eukanuba Daily Care Weight Control for overweight adult dogs contains fresh chicken to help maintain lean and strong muscles. The tailored fibre blend of prebiotics and beet pulp also promotes healthy digestion. The food is 100% complete and balanced and is ideal for adult dogs of all breeds. Maize, dried chicken and turkey (15%, natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate), barley, durra, wheat, fresh chicken (10%), dried beet pulp (3. 1%), fishmeal, poultry fat, chicken sauce, minerals (contains sodium hexametaphosphate 0.36%), dried whole eggs, flaxseed, fructooligosaccharides (0.26%), brewer's yeast, glucosamine (from animal tissue) (0.04%).

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Producent: Eukanuba
Varunummer: 3048354
Modell: EH121200
EAN: 8710255121789

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