BH721200 - Brit Care Adult Large Breed Lamb & Rice 12 kg
Varunummer: 3048768

Brit Care Adult Large Breed Lamb & Rice 12 kg

Brit Care nutrition provides a long lasting improvement in your dog's quality of life. We take a preventative approach to avoid common problems caused by poor nutrition:* Allergies* Food intolerances* Vulnerability* Fitness*The improved Brit Care formula contains the new ingredient thistle*: * Cleansing, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties* Metabolic support* Improved liver function and regeneration* Immunomodulation Immune enhancement and the body's self-repairing activities*Termostable vitamin C* as a source of antioxidants protects cells and increases cellular immunity*Prebiotics* derived from inulin increase the properties of MOS and FOS*Why lamb? * This recipe does not contain chicken bowl or other non-allergenic proteins. Lamb is extremely easy to digest and has high levels of PUFAs (polyunsaturated fatty acids).

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Producent: Brit
Varunummer: 3048768
Modell: BH721200
EAN: 8595602509966

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