61AX310000AB - AverMedia Live Streamer AX310
Varunummer: 2959861

AverMedia Live Streamer AX310

With a 6-track audio mixer and fully customizable control panel, the Live Streamer NEXUS ensures that you have full control over your creations. One's own voice, alerts, music, and of course game sound are an essential part of the content that can be controlled and monitored in real time. With Dual Mix, you can give the audience a separate audio experience. This way, everyone can focus on the essentials. Designed specifically for content creators, you can easily drag and drop widgets, add hotkeys, tune the microphone, and more. It only takes a few clicks to improve the stream. The Live Streamer NEXUS offers a display of the number of followers, subscribers or viewers, even live chat in real time.

3 969,00 kr
3 175,20 kr exkl. moms
Leverantör, 3-4 vardagar leveranstid
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Producent: AverMedia
Varunummer: 2959861
Modell: 61AX310000AB
EAN: 4710710679958

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