Dry your clothes in the fresh air

Few people today wash their clothes by hand. Most people use a washing machine as it is easy, fast and better for the environment. Most washing machines today use a limited amount of water and allow washing at as low as 15 degrees. Both models that are front loaded and top loaded often have a cold wash program.

Once the laundry has been washed in the washing machine, you can either use a clothes dryer to dry your clothes or let the wind do the job. A tumble dryer is easy and quick to use, whether you have a model with condensation or ventilation. However, it is better for the environment to dry your clothes on a drying rack. A drying rack requires no heating or electricity and is easy to fold after use.

If you have previously had problems with your drying rack, it may be because you bought a model that was too thin. The stronger the construction of the drying rack, the fewer problems you will experience with the model. It may therefore be a good idea not to choose the cheapest model, if you want to avoid frustrations when you need to hang the laundry.

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