0601B42001 - Bosch GTS 635-216 Professional + GTA 560 Professio
Varunummer: 2794813

Bosch GTS 635-216 Professional + GTA 560 Professio

Bordssåg, 1600 W, 216 mm

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Producent: Bosch
Varunummer: 2794813
Modell: 0601B42001
EAN: 3165140975421

Till producentens hemsida

ProduktbeskrivningBosch GTS 635-216 Professional - bordssåg - 1600 W - 216 mm
ProdukttypBordssåg - 1600 W - 216 mm
Hastighet5500 vpm


Produkttyp Bordssåg - 1600 W - 216 mm
Hastighet 5500 vpm
Axelstorlek 30 mm
Fasjustering 47°L/0°R
Kapacitet Skärkapacitet - 635 mm
Skärhöjd - 70 mm


Typ Låda
Material Kartong


Inkluderade tillbehör Bord
Buller och vibration Ljudtryck - 93.5 dB(A) - osäkerhets-K: 3 dB
Ljudstyrka - 103 dB(A) - osäkerhets-K: 3 dB

Mått och vikt

Bredd 658 mm
Djup 500 mm
Höjd 332 mm
Mått och vikt (komponenter) Bord - bredd: 500 mm - djup: 658 mm
The table saw GTS 635-216 Professional from Bosch combines a high cutting capacity with convenience in mobile applications. The arrangement of motor and gearbox has been optimized so that the saw blade protrudes further than with conventional table saws ‒ and thus achieves more cutting height with a smaller blade. The GTS 635-216 Professional's high cutting width is achieved as its rip fence is extended beyond the edge of the saw table and serving as a support. This allows panels of up to 635 millimeters to be cut to size. The saw is equipped with a powerful 1600W motor ensuring a fast work progress in every application - both longitudinal cuts in board materials, floor panels and fitting strips as well as cutting to length of squared timber and baseboards. For hardwood workpieces, the GTS 635-216 Professional offers a further advantage: Its 216mm saw blade generates a stronger torque at the cutting tooth compared to blades with a larger diameter. This means it pulls harder and the user can saw faster. The particularly stable rip fence made of die-cast aluminum ensures high precision: It is attached to the front and rear of the table saw with a double clamp and thus sits reliably with every cut.

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