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Asmodee Hitster Music Card Game (ENG)

THE MUSIC CARD GAME OF THE CENTURY Hitster. Guess which song is being played. Over 100 years of hits that plays automatically in Spotify with a QR integration. You can play on 3 difficulty levels. It comes with 30 Hitster cards and 300 music cards. The most fun music card game you will come acrossQR integration with Spotify300 songs from 1907-2020Challenge your opponentsBuilt in DJ BoothHours of fun and guaranteed memory throwbacksListen to over 100 years of music hits and take turns guessing when the songs were released. You don´t need to know the exact year, only if they were released before or after other songs. Your chances of winning increases if you can also name the artists and song titles.The first player to arrange 10 hits in chronological order wins the game and earns the title HITSTER.

Please note that you need music streaming service Spotify to play HITSTER and get the full game experience.

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