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Powerful protection designed for PC Gamers

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Product name: Norton 360 for Gamers

1 year – 3 devices

Powerful protection designed for PC Gamers

Norton 360 for Gamers offers a powerful combination of protection gamers need for the game accounts on their PC, as well as for their online activity. As an added benefit, it does all this without constant interruptions to their gaming experience.

  • Norton 360 for Gamers offers protection for up to 3 PCs, Mac®, smartphones or tablets.
  • Notification Optimization is available on Windows only

From casual to hard core, gamers’ personal information and digital assets are valuable, particularly to cybercriminals. What’s valuable in the gaming landscape needs protection. Norton 360 for Gamers offers a suite of features optimized for gamers to help provide the protection they need.



  • Secure VPN: Browse anonymously and more securely by masking your IP address with a no-log VPN to help protect against DDoS attacks, doxxing and SWATing.
  • Notification Optimization:11 We’ll only notify you if your Windows PC is under attack, your protection is at risk, or you aren’t using a feature you’re entitled to use—and give you control over product & service reminders.
  • Full-Screen Detection:4 It detects when you’re using full-screen mode on your PCs, and silences all but critical security alerts.4
  • PC SafeCam:3,11 Helps protect against potential stream bans and embarrassment with alerts on attempts to access your webcam so you can block them.3
  • 50 GB Cloud Backup:3,11 Automatic Cloud Backup for Windows PCs– store your game clips online5, freeing up space on your drives.
  • Real-time threat protection: Multi-layered, advanced security helps protect against existing and emerging malware threats to your devices, including phishing attacks via email and security flaws in games and websites
  • Anti-Phishing: Anti-phishing analyzes the security level of websites you visit and lets you block websites that are known to be fraudulent.
  • Smart Firewall for PC or Firewall for Mac®: Helps protect your device and its data—even during Game Mode, against malicious attacks and intrusive eyes.
  • Intrusion Prevention Scanning:Analyzes incoming data and helps block potential online threats before they hit your computer.
  • Device Security: Real-time protection for 3 devices against ransomware, viruses, spyware, malware and other online threats
  • Web Isolation Mode***: Helps keep sensitive information you enter online more secure (like signing into your bank or a gaming account). Using virtualization technology, navigation to the site is done through a Norton server, giving you extra protection against web-based threats.
  • Parental Control: Help your kids; manage their online activity, and identify potential dangers before they become a problem.
  • Password Manager***: A strong password is important to help protect your game accounts. Let us help you store complex passwords, credit card information and other credentials online – more securely.
  • Support: Member Services & Support is included with your Norton 360 for Gamers subscription.
  • Virus Protection Promise:2 Norton Virus Protection Promise offers a refund. If your device gets a virus we can’t remove, you get your money back.2




2 Restrictions apply. Must have a qualifying subscription that is automatically renewing. See norton.com/virus-protection-promise for details.

3 Requires your device to have an Internet/data plan and be turned on.

4 To suppress most alerts for Windows, full-screen mode must be in use.

5 To activate backup of video files or game clips, you will need to configure your backup settings under My Documents to address your individual gaming needs.

11 Only available on Windows (excluding Windows 10 in S mode, Windows running on ARM processor).‡ Parental Control features are not supported on Mac or Windows 10 in S mode

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